For established information marketers: I write credible sales copy that results in more people buying, more often, at higher prices.

Think. Write. And make them sales.

(I write stuff that makes people want to buy stuff)

Example: Clients that have marketing campaign driven businesses (i.e., Internet marketers, seminar training companies, high-level coaches) hire me to write sales letters, VSLs, emails etc., to fill live seminar events, sell more product and, overall, increase the revenue from their promotions and marketing campaigns.

WHY IT WORKS: Firstly, the sales messages I write are matched to a targeted profile and tailored to the prime-driver “wants” & “un-wants” of the people who will receive the messages. Secondly, where possible I craft sales messages around a UNIQUE INSIGHT that makes my clients products, services or training the ONLY credible solution among all competing offers their list face.   Thirdly, the sales copy I write is “underpinned” by proven psychological principles and the latest decision neuroscience that trigger both unconscious compliance and the urge to buy. Fourthly, I have marketing strategies that will OVERSUBSCRIBE live seminar and training events BEFORE the actual event or program is officially launched for registration.

WHAT RESULTS CAN I GET FOR YOU? That depends. It depends on your list (your customer database / email list), it depends on the “product to market match,” and, to a certain degree your credibility in the marketplace. That said, if you have a responsive list (i.e., they have purchased from other offers made to them in the past) and you are selling ethical products or services — I can write sales copy that (when implemented strategically) will very likely increase the response and revenue you are currently getting from your campaigns.

NEXT STEP? Well, if you want an intelligent and insightful conversation around your project and your needs (as they pertain to sales copy and marketing strategy) you are welcome to get in contact with me via email and / or Skype. My personal email address is: