For established information marketers: I write credible sales copy that results in more people buying, more often, at higher prices.

My Bio

I have been a professional freelance direct response copywriter for going on 14-years.

One of my first clients    (about 14-years ago) billed himself out as a copywriter for-hire, for $15,000 per sales letter. He hired me (on a retainer fee arrangement) to write all the copy for his own website and promotions. Whenever he took on a client for “his” copywriting services he would “farm the project out to me” and I would write the sales letters for him.

Another client I worked with was in the financial trading markets. A promotion I wrote for him filled a conference room (in Westminster, London) with (from memory) about 90 people who each paid £2,500 to be there for a 2-day financial trading seminar.

Another client (also in the financial trading markets) was based in the Principality of Andorra and used to pay me a monthly retainer fee, plus all my flight and expenses to go out to Andorra and strategise revenue generating campaigns with him for his business.

I think the promotions I wrote for him (and his different financial alert membership sites) put about $200,000 or more each month into his business bank account.

Another client I worked with (who was in the Internet marketing world) wanted to put on a 2-day seminar and charge £5,000 for attendance to it. He had never put on a live event before.

I wrote the promotion for his seminar (or should I say, yet-to-be seminar) and, let’s just say he made out pretty good on the first one he put on. So much so, he used my sales letter about 4 or 5 more times to get a roomful of people he’d never met before to each pay him £5,000 to be there.

Then there was the international personal development client    that hired me for many years on retainer to write the subscriber / customer list emails, as well as all the sales letters, landing pages etc., to sell many of their home study products and get people to pay to attend the live seminars they put on at various places around the world.

For about the past 6-years or so I’ve been in a retainer-based (plus percentage of overall business sales) lead copywriting position for the “biggest player” in its particular niche. The company (client) puts on lots of multi-day training programs and sells lots of home-study courses. I think it’s fair to say my copywriting has been integral to getting (in some cases) from 80 to 150 people to live training programs this company put on; not to mention all the home-study programs sold over the years.

There have been many other clients along the way.  Like the client I wrote 4 emails for that generated (for the client) $24,000 in sales in a few days.

All in all, over the years, I’ve written copy for dozens (probably hundreds) of promotions online and offline. From direct mail sales letters; Video Sales Letters (VSLs), online landing / opt-in pages; website sales copy; email copy; print display ads; voicemail scripts – just about all “formats” of direct response sales copy.

I’ve also written sales copy for a number of “big name” marketers.

Plus, I’ve written sales copy for a number of different markets, products and services. Including (but not limited to): physical & digital information products; “high-ticket” seminars; snoring aids; anti-wrinkle cream; diet aids; language courses; self-development type products; investment opportunities; trading services; software; eBooks; expensive mentoring and coaching programmes; business opportunities; and so on and so forth.

I have also taught direct response copywriting at marketing seminars that cost each attendee £5,000 to attend.