For established information marketers: I write credible sales copy that results in more people buying, more often, at higher prices.

Fee Information:

Firstly, I will only agree a firm project fee with an “economic buyer” (i.e., the person who is able to make the decision to invest in a direct response copywriter and has the ability to make the payment necessary to hire me).

Secondly, I do not work on an hourly rate. I either work on a fixed fee per defined project. Or, where it makes mutual economic sense for both myself and a client, there may be an opportunity to hire me on a monthly retainer; so you have me “on tap” to deal with all your copywriting requirements. Those are things that can only be explored and determined through an honest dialogue and conversation between us. Thus, I require a call / conversation about a particular project BEFORE quoting any fee.

Thirdly, my fees are by no means the highest you will see a direct response copywriter charging; but they are not the cheapest you will see either. My fees are representative of an experienced professional direct response copywriter who takes immense pride in their work.

(BTW: there are more than a few copywriters out there who charge astronomical fees to give them better “posture” and “positioning” in order to sell their courses and coaching services; mostly those copywriters “use” their fees to keep real clients from ever hiring them to actually write their copy. That’s not the way I operate. My business is based on me actually writing copy for clients).

That said, I have put together a PDF document that gives a guideline look at the range of my fees for more typical client projects. So, if you are interested in getting an idea of the fees I charge, and see if you meet the criteria I have for taking on a fee paying client, then you are welcome to click on the link below for all that information:
Click Here for My Copywriting Services Criteria Pack & Fee Schedule Info