For established information marketers: I write credible sales copy that results in more people buying, more often, at higher prices.

Samples of My Work

Cartoon Wall Painting Business

Conversational Hypnosis Concierge Service

Diabetes Letter

EuroTrader Service Letter

FTSE System Alert Service

Go For Gold Promo

Hypnosis Mastermind Group Sales Letter

Land Pro Systems Sales Letter

Info Marketing Mentoring Offer

Oxygen Advantage Live Workshop Sales Promotion

Release Technique Health Mastery Course

Sales Letter for Getting More book

May Seminar Promotion

Financial Spread Trading Promotion

Samples of Emails I've Written

F.U.N. Emails That Helped Grow An Information Marketing Company to be the 800lb Gorilla in its niche

Email Copywriting Examples

Samples of Flyers I've Written

Flyer For Self Defence Classes

eBay Small Business Startups

Ironing Business Flyer

Samples of Emails I've Written