For established information marketers: I write credible sales copy that results in more people buying, more often, at higher prices.

Testimonials for My Copywriting:

"Shamir has been on retainer for many years and he has written copy for us in 5 different niches. His copy is consistently outstanding. Landing pages, long form sales letters, direct mail, emails, video sales letters, catalogs and entire campaigns from start to finish. Shamir can do it all and surprisingly quickly as well. If you want to increase current sales or have an amazing new product launch Shamir should be your first port of call. He is an absolute master of the craft.”

Clifford Mee — Marvvy

“Shamir Khan’s copywriting has been hands-down the most effective in grabbing people’s attention, speaking to their deepest desires and then getting them to take action! Over the past 15-years the Hypnosis Training Academy has released over 100 products and run dozens of live events. All the copy for the best sellers was written by Shamir. Easily 8 figures of sales worth. There is nobody better out there.”

Igor Ledochowski — The Hypnosis Training Academy

“A lot of copywriters will send you stuff fast, that flops. Shamir sends his copy faster than any other copywriter I know – and it’s gold. He’s got such a unique talent, that goes beyond formal training. He intrinsically understands how to move people through words. I’ve worked with Shamir for nearly 4 years, and would not hesitate to recommend him for long form sales letters, email marketing sequences (especially for product launches). A common phrase exchanged by people in the office when we get a Word file back from him? “That Shamir – he’s a genius.”

Amanda Hyciek — Customer Acquisition Manager, Wicked Weasel.

“Thanks to him, one of my websites is now getting an extra 139% increase in response! That translates into TENS OF THOUSANDS OF DOLLARS in extra sales over the coming year.”

Dan Lok, Internet Marketer, British Columbia, Canada.

“There are great copywriters you can hire to write emails & sales copy for you, and then there’s Shamir Khan. In my opinion, Shamir is in a league of his own. He’s more than just a great copywriter. He’s also a strategic marketer who infuses great marketing angles and ideas to projects he’s hired for. He does this because he’s interested in ONE thing only: YOUR RESULTS – whether it’s increased sales, lead generation, more subscribers or business growth. It’s why we continue to retain him every month.”

Galib Rayani, President Impact Ventures Inc.  

“Shamir, thanks… in early tests we’ve banked £153,868.88. You are most definitely one of a very few great copywriters in the U.K. who can deliver copy that could sell £1,000,000 plus of product.”

John Lisgo, Future World UK Limited

“I recently had the pleasure of working with Shamir Khan on a sales project. We created a promotion for an electronic device we were looking to increase sales on. Shamir's writing was instrumental in helping sell $155,050.56 (£81,671.12) worth of these devices in a brief 60-hour weekend promotion. The response was so great that we were inundated with orders. They were coming in so fast, it was difficult to manage and it took weeks to get caught up on producing and shipping orders. “Since I first read some of his copy, I knew he was one of the best copywriters I had ever come across. Then, his results spoke for themselves. “I am thoroughly convinced he is in the top ten copywriters in the world – with copy that I find more persuasive than that of writers charging upwards of $30,000 per long sales letter.”

Here’s what those orders looked like as they came in      

Peter Michel, iCap, Totowa, New Jersey

“I’ve known and worked with Shamir for many years. Some of my best-selling products are as a result of Shamir's “amazing” sales copy. Undoubtedly, he is one of the world’s TOP copywriters. He has written copy for most of the top marketer’s in the world.

“Unlike the majority of copywriters that rely on their own hype to sell their services, Shamir is not a self-promoter. His reputation keeps him fully booked at around £6,000 per letter (at that price you have to be good!). As he has said to me on many occasions “I’m a copywriter, that’s what I do… I write copy that sells product, I help people make their business successful. Sometimes I think he forgets that his copy doesn’t just sell product, it sells MILLIONS of pounds of product!”

David Anderson, Managing Director, Pulse International Publishing Plc. Bristol, U.K.

“A while back, I met a local Canadian fellow who sells sales copy services for $15,000 a pop. And he makes very good money. Imagine my surprise then when the man who writes HIS copy for him — (yes, the local fellow is simply passing off the copy as his own) — bought my book!

“This guy is THE best copywriter I have found in twenty years. His letter to me blasted any competitors’ way out of the water, for good. His offer was so good, so well presented, so compelling, so simple and effective, that I was FORCED to take decisive, immediate and enthusiastic action. It incorporated everything I teach about JV’s and more. This copywriter lives in Kent, England, and his name is Shamir Khan.

“Shamir Khan has proved to be not only a gifted and insightful copywriter who gets very impressive results, but also an astute businessman who delivers on his promises every, single time. Shamir takes the time to study your business and understand it before crafting compelling and magnetic letters. He takes meticulous care and is always true to his word.

“With his friendly, confident, generous and humble attitude, it’s easy to work with Shamir. One can give him directions and then move on with the assurance that he will deliver on time, and enjoy the peace of mind that comes from working with professionals. Here is an artist who is also an entrepreneur – an unusual and very welcome combination. I highly recommend his services.”

Robin J. Elliott – President, Elliott Enterprises Inc.
Canada: Suite 1106, 3071 Glen Drive, Coquitlam, BC V3B 7R1

“This testimonial is in regards to Shamir Khan, a man of great integrity whom I respect an awful lot. I came to him with a problem, JUST before Christmas 2006. He had a solution for me December 30th, 2006. I needed a sales letter for an upcoming seminar I was hosting, something that would really sell what Joint Ventures were all about.

“Shamir Khan, in record time, delivered one of the most impressive sales letters I have ever seen. I received more feedback about my SALES letter than I did about the event itself! I made the decision right there, to always use Shamir Khan’s services instead of trying to ‘do it myself’.

“If you’re deciding whether or not to spend the money, don’t hesitate. If you’re deciding whether or not Shamir Khan will exceed your expectations, DO NOT WAIT, he is a BUSY man! Thank you Shamir.”

Shawn Christenson, Technical Director,

“Dear Shamir, I happened to come across your site this evening and was BLOWN AWAY. That’s right BLOWN AWAY!!! You write with the power of 5 Gary Halbert’s on steroids! Kind of like if they cloned Gary and created a SUPERCLONE.” 

Clifford Mee — Marvvy

“Dear Shamir, I just wanted to let you know something that happened to me yesterday. I was invited to a 2 hour teleseminar call promoted by Harv Eker (Peak Potentials) and the guest speaker was Jay Abraham. I went to Harv’s Millionaire Mindset Workshop last September so I thought I would give it a try. Well Shamir, I got more concrete information and a real plan to start me in action from YOU in 15 minutes than I did listening for two hours. It was more a sales pitch for his $5,000 or so further workshops or training. A real disappointment. All of this to say that I am grateful for our conversation and now I know what direction to go in and I have some really great tips from you. I feel so much more confident about what I want to do. Thank you so very much.

Helena Basso, Vancouver, Canada.

“Shamir, your letter killed me!”

Gary Halbert,

“As far as copywriters go, Shamir Khan is right up there at the top of my list. He has the unique ability to create copy that truly inspires positive, forward moving action. Highly recommended!”

Randy Charach, Synergy Marketing Group

“Dear Shamir, When I visited your web site I thought I was reading one of Gary Halbert’s masterpieces. Man, you’re such a killer copywriter. I mean, you write very good as legendary copywriter Gary Halbert.”

Richard Alcebar

“Bastard! That’s another $97 I don’t have any more! I’m not going to read any more of your stuff, I can’t afford to read any more of your sales letters!”

Ray Fearnley, Rayzee International

“WOW! Shamir Khan is an absolutely incredible copywriter, with honesty, integrity and a real desire to help people succeed. I have consistently seen him go to already savvy marketer friends of mine, and double and triple their conversion rates! He is an incredible asset to any business person or organization. I have been blessed to have him as a business partner, and a friend, and I have always seen him show generosity and assistance to me in times of need. I could not recommend Shamir more highly to anyone who wants to boost their advertising, marketing and sales. I only give you this one warning – be careful because his sales letters will cause your prospects to drop everything else and rush to give you their money!”

Peter Jarocki, Perth, Australia